Keyword Research Tools – Finding the Best

There are hundreds of excellent tools which will help you select the proper target keywords for your website. Not only can you drive targeted and focused traffic to your website, you can do it much faster and simpler than ever before. In this series, we give a brief rundown of some favorite keyword tools available on the internet and how to best utilize them. These tools are very useful for any level of business, from beginner to advanced marketer or SEO practitioner.

good keyword tool

Keyword Elite by Google is a one page search engine optimization tool with an extensive database of over 35 million key phrases. This will allow you to target specific niches much faster, giving you an edge in the competitive market. With keyword elite, you have the ability to optimize your website, blogs, and even email campaigns much more easily and effectively than ever before with the click of a button. While not the best keyword research tool, this tool is still worth the price.

Keyword Twin is an advanced keyword research tools which gives you the ability to refine your searches and target specific searches. This allows you to optimize your content much more effectively, especially if you are doing SEO on your main website. With keyword twin, you will be much more efficient at targeting the specific audience which is looking for your services or products. This advanced optimization feature also makes it easy to target related keywords to make your content more relevant and search engine friendly. This is a great way to build links back to your own website and drive quality traffic there.

Keyword Rocket is another advanced optimization tool that offers organic search optimization results. The website has a number of different modules which offer lots of different features. Most notably, they offer integrated RSS feeds, keyword research tools, and the ability to manage your affiliate accounts with just one click. As well, the blog modules allow you to rank highly in both major search engines, as well as niche search engines, by creating and managing blogs related to your products and services. This is a highly useful tool which can greatly improve your search engine rankings and increase your online visibility.

Keyword Elite is a keyword research tool which analyzes the competition for each individual keyword and ranks them according to 4 criteria: relevance, competition, intent, and ROI. This tool takes the whole idea of SEO seriously, as it examines the competition for each word and breaks it down into its basic parts. This information is extremely important when optimizing any website.

Keyword Wincher is another highly respected keyword research tool. It works with you to identify your exact keywords and then provides you with multiple keyword suggestions. In addition to finding good keywords, this program also gives you advice on how to optimize each individual element within your website (a step-by-step guide on how to optimize each page within your site). This is extremely beneficial when optimizing a website, as it will give you clear direction as to what elements you should place more emphasis on.

The last on our list is the keyword suggestion tool known as Google Suggest. This tool is considered by many to be among the best and most thorough of all of the keyword research tools available. Its current popularity has largely been due to Google’s AdSense program, which pays off well for those who use the program to enhance their websites. This tool is by far the most effective of the other tools we have listed and, in my opinion, is the favorite feature of Google. Because you can type in any keyword, and it pulls up all of the variations for that particular word, it is extremely effective at finding highly relevant keywords for your site.

Last but not least, we have our final three option, including our favorite, secockpit. Secockpit is another great online keyword research tools that was released shortly before our third list selection. It is very similar to our first two choices, with the main differences being that instead of pulling up a list of millions of searches, it only pulls up searches from within the last three months. This gives it a bit more of an edge over the other tools listed, but it remains to be seen if this will prove to be a successful niche strategy. Either way, it is a solid tool, and well worth taking a look at if you are serious about your business.

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