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Ubersuggest is a FREE keyword research tool which Neil Patel first bought and developed to assist the SEO community. This is my review of Ubersuggest, an excellent free keyword tool that helps digital marketing and SEO marketers with learning just what are the top keywords to target according to search volume and competition. I have also used Ubersuggest extensively in my own campaigns and it has performed admirably in those campaigns as well.

ubersuggest keyword tool

One of the things that really impressed me about Ubersuggest was its capability to allow me to look into each keyword, how it was used in paid advertisements and organic searches and how to use all of this together to create an advertising campaign that would create a great return on investment. In my opinion, one of the best features of this particular SEO tool is the “aily researched keywords” list that it provides. The “aily researched keywords” feature will show you the keywords that people are actually using in the search engines against you. This way you can make sure that you’re not wasting your time or money on keywords that don’t convert or that will not convert.

The next thing that impressed me about Ubersuggest (which I’ll discuss later in this article) was that they provided keyword research tools that were simple and easy to use. I really like keyword stuffing as a method of gaining backlinks but with the additional feature that Ubersuggest provides, it’s an even better strategy. This keyword tool can also tell you exactly how many other sites are ranking for a certain keyword (based on other data that it pulls) and just how competitive that keyword is. This makes a huge difference as you can see which niches you should be devoting the lion’s share of your resources to instead of wasting your money on keywords that don’t convert.

Another great feature that I like about Ubersuggest is that they have a full list of partner sites that they support including Google AdWords and AdSense. If you have an ecommerce site or a blog, you can benefit from this added SEO functionality. In my opinion, the ability to pull in external links is one of the most powerful tactics you can employ in conjunction with your Ubersuggest keyword research tools. It will take time and effort, but when all of these efforts are combined they form a huge boost to your bottom line.

What really impressed me about Ubersuggest though, was their ability to pull in domain analysis and an entire look at your competition. It’s a major bonus feature that not a lot of the other tools provide. You can get a feel for what your competition is doing and what they’re focusing on when it comes to optimizing their websites for the search engines. From there, you can adjust your own website to fit the goals you have for it. Another thing that’s nice is that they have an intuitive interface that you can use without much difficulty.

Google Analytics is another great Ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool that is offered free with each new subscription. This tool gives you a detailed report on the clicks on your links and also gives you a thorough domain overview. They allow you to break down how many unique visitors you receive each day as well as how many of those visitors are likely buying products from your website. This advanced functionality is something that a number of other paid tools don’t have which makes Google Analytic a solid choice for the serious SEO practitioner.

Another tool that should definitely be considered when researching SEO software is the Overture keyword suggestion tool. Again, this tool comes with an additional fee, but it’s worth every penny. This tool tells you exactly which keywords people are searching for and the exact phrases they are typing in to do so. The good thing about this tool compared to the others mentioned here is that it pulls out the relevancy data for each keyword, rather than just providing you with the average ROI. The downside is that it takes quite a bit of effort on your part to really get the most from this tool, but if you’re willing to put forth the effort you’ll likely be rewarded.

These are just some of the free seo tools available to you. There are many more available at a very affordable price. While the free tools are great, they can’t always come close to giving you the kind of information you need to be able to rank well with the search engines. When you start to spend money on high-priced SEO tools, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the rankings and traffic that you receive.