Avoid These Mistakes With Keyword Search Traffic

keyword search traffic

Avoid These Mistakes With Keyword Search Traffic

Keyword search traffic, or KV, refers to the number of people that search for a particular word or phrase using a search engine. Keyword traffic can provide you with many advantages, such as SEO rankings, increased sales, and more. However, KV can also be difficult to get, especially if you are just starting out.

One of the most important things to realize about keyword search traffic is that it is not as easy as you may think. While there are a large number of keyword phrases that people commonly use, most of them do not necessarily equate with successful SEO. In fact, some of the most popular and effective keywords and phrases are not ranked at all with the major search engines. This can lead to a lot of frustration for marketers that want their sites to be ranked well.

One reason that keyword search traffic is so difficult to get is that it is difficult to accurately predict what phrases and words will be valuable to your clients. Most companies do not spend a great deal of time researching what their clients might be interested in. Many companies just launch their campaigns based on the keywords that they find. If their clients are interested in a subject, product, or service, they will most likely type in those words into the search engine’s search box. There is little to no chance that their competitors will be doing the same.

Another key to getting effective keyword search traffic is to keep track of all of your daily and weekly keyword purchases. Keywords are items that you buy on a regular basis. When you make a purchase, the search engine sends an order request to the auctions where those keywords are available. If you submit plenty of bids each week, you can easily increase your traffic volume by dozens of percent or more. Auctions that are listed frequently get more traffic than those that are not.

To get started with keyword research, there are two options: you can either purchase a keyword tool, or you can use a free, paid tool. A keyword research tool is a database that allows you to do advanced keyword research without spending money. It is comparable to an excel sheet, but much larger. A paid tool allows you to do an unlimited number of keyword searches and reports at a minimal cost. The keyword research tools available for free have limited capabilities.

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is making the assumption that the larger the ad unit, the more clicks it will receive. While this may be true, the volume of traffic is not the only thing to consider when determining how to increase traffic volume. Low bid keywords often receive the least number of clicks but also offer the lowest search volume. Low search volume keywords often correspond to low click through rates, which can decrease your overall click through rate and affect your revenue performance.

Another mistake that many marketers make is ignoring conversion metrics. Conversions, which include both website clicks and visits to sales page, are an integral part of organic search marketing efforts. Many marketers make the mistake of including website clicks and/or visits in their organic keyword reports, when in reality they are unrelated metrics. Conversions are derived from actual conversions, not website visits. This means if a visitor clicks on your ad and moves on to another site, you have not created any real traffic movement.

Click through rates can be improved by implementing a conversion rate overlay. This overlays a colored bar over a keyword that peaks at your conversion rate. Each color represents a different conversion rate. Click through rate over time will stabilize at a particular rank, which gives you a good sense of where to focus your PPC campaign.